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Busting 6 Hearing Protection Myths

Little girl in Mini Earmuffs

The importance of protecting children’s hearing in noisy situations with earmuffs is a recent phenomenon – so recent, that we’ve come across several myths and misconceptions about using earmuffs for children.

We’re going to debunk those myths, get rid of the fake news and tell you how it really is!

Bust that fake news!

Myth 1: “Earmuffs will deafen my child!”

Relax – the designers of Banz earmuffs know that if you needed to get your child’s attention urgently and they couldn’t hear you, it would be dangerous – and putting babies and children into a ‘cone of silence’ would be upsetting, especially to very young ones.

As total noise cancelling is impractical, Banz earmuffs reduce loud, damaging noise to a safe level – and let softer sounds, such as speech, be heard. After all, the Banz Carewear motto is: “Sensitive Care. Sensible Choice”!

Myth 2: “It’s OK to wear earmuffs over a beanie or hoodie”

We often see pictures of little ones wearing their snuggly woolly hats underneath their earmuffs. We know you mean well – kids have got to stay warm, right? – but we recommend adjusting your child’s earmuffs to fit correctly before putting them on over the ears, THEN putting their hat over the top.

Why? Because a hat underneath the earmuffs means the muffs can’t seal properly over the ears, leaving your child in danger of ‘sound leak’. As the earmuffs can’t do their job properly, the wearer is in danger of being exposed to much greater levels of loud sound. Parents are lulled into a false sense of security, thinking their child’s hearing is safe – but it’s not.

David Welch, head of the Audiology Department at the University of Auckland, says: ” Make sure babies are not wearing hats when you put the earmuffs on. If the cushion cannot seal on the side of the head, the sound can get through and it is amazing how much gets in. It is a real problem we encounter often in adults who work in cold environments and wear woollen hats to keep warm, then don earmuffs on top – the sound just cuts through wool as though it wasn’t there.”

Left: The wrong way to wear a hat with earmuffs – the fabric breaks the protective seal.
Right: Pop a hat over the earmuffs and you’re good to go!

Myth 3: “You don’t need special earmuffs for babies and kids, my work ones will do”

It’s sad but true – some people believe that adult earmuffs will fit children and still give proper sound protection. That’s like expecting a baby or child to wear Dad’s work boots and not fall over!

Children, and especially babies, have different needs from adults when it comes to hearing protection. The obvious one is size – as well as being incredibly heavy for little heads, adult earmuffs can’t seal properly around children’s ears – and the protection factor is gone.

Baby wearing too-large earmuffs
Cute? Not really. Too large to do their job and too heavy for baby’s neck!

Also, babies also have softer head than adults, with the fontanelles or ‘soft spots’ yet to close. Adult-size earmuffs put an adult-force grip over the head which can be dangerous, especially for children under two years.

Banz earmuffs, both the Mini size for under 2 years and the Protective size for 2-10+ years, are especially designed to fit correctly – and they will keep up with your child’s growth, as they are adjustable. Importantly, the headband on the Mini Muffs is specially made with a light tension, so the earmuffs won’t put the squeeze on soft baby heads!

Myth 4: “Any hearing protection will do for the kids – it’s all the same”

Since earmuffs were invented back in 1873 (for warmth, not for noise reduction), there have been riffs on the basic design – but only one, the classic ‘earcups connected by an over-the-head band’ has stood the test of time.

There are other takes on the concept of the headband, using different soft and stretchy materials. However, these easily slip forward onto a baby’s forehead and risk the loss of protection as the earcups move around. Also, due to the bad fit, they can be difficult to keep on your baby. The specially-designed headband on Banz earmuffs won’t slip – and there’s a lot more technology in a padded Banz headband to keep soft baby heads safe than there is in a piece of stretchy material!

A word on using earplugs for babies and small children: Experts recommend that nothing smaller than an elbow goes into a child’s ear canal, for good reason – trying to fish out an earplug, and especially ear putty, from a super-small baby ear canal is dangerous. Also, earplugs are a choking hazard for small children.

Little boy wearing Blue Mini Muffs
Design matters – the padded Banz headband is made to comfortably stay in place.

Myth 5: “The kids don’t wear their earmuffs that often, they don’t need cleaning”

It’s easy – and recommended for hygiene – to clean your Banz earmuffs after each wear. Simply wipe over the set with a cloth dampened by mild soap and water.

Myth 6: “My baby has grown out of his Mini Muffs, but he isn’t two yet, so I can’t put him in the bigger ‘muffs”

The age recommendation on Banz earmuffs is just that, a recommendation or guide. Every child is different and some will need to update their earmuffs to the larger Protective Earmuffs size a bit earlier than others. Once the earcups on the sliding adjustment of your child’s Mini Muffs are sitting at the bottom of the band, it’s time to consider upsizing for the near future – their age doesn’t matter.

Boy in Protective Earmuffs in Silver
Is it time to upsize your child’s Banz earmuffs?

Now you know what’s what when it comes to baby and children’s earmuffs you’ll use Banz Carewear earmuffs – supplied by the experts in children’s safety gear – with confidence!

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Sunscreen In Winter – Why It’s Key for Kids

Even when wearing SkiBanz goggles, exposed skin needs sunscreen protection

During the cold and dreary winter months, most Kiwis are looking forward to the return of sunshine and warm weather. What most families aren’t thinking about is sunscreen usage – or protecting their children from the harsh ultraviolet rays that are beaming down on us year round.

A mere one in four U.S kids use sunscreen regularly, notes a recent study published in ‘Pediatrics’ (sign-in required for access). And adolescents who get sunburned at an early age are twice as likely to develop melanoma, a common type of skin cancer, later in life, according to the study. It’s likely that New Zealand outcomes would tell the same tale.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. The New Zealand Cancer Society says: “Skin cancer is largely preventable. Over 90% of all skin cancer cases are attributed to excess sun exposure.” Read on to discover when and how to protect yourself and your kids.

Not just for summer months

Just because the sun isn’t beating down doesn’t mean its damaging rays aren’t making their way through the clouds.

Dr. Joanna Gammons, a dermatologist at U.S-based Gammons Wellness and Dermatology, says many people have misconceptions about the necessity of protecting their skin during the winter months.

“A lot of people say you don’t need to wear it because there’s no sun, but you absolutely need to,” Gammons says. She adds that rays that are damaging to the skin – and can cause skin cancers – still get through.

As almost 80 percent of UV radiation is reflected from snow, while only 25 percent from sand, the need for sunscreen protection on the mountain is clear – and especially so for children’s delicate skin.

Rugged up against the cold – and the sun’s rays – including Banz stay-put sunglasses!

Protect your kids year round

Experts recommend that parents find a formula that agrees with their child’s skin, is gentle and PABA (para-aminobenzoic acid)-free. Try a stick-style sunscreen, instead of liquid, on children’s faces as it is less likely to run into their eyes.

Encourage your kids to develop a sunscreen habit early on in life, because from birth to 30 years old, we’re most prone to skin damage. As Gammon says, “It’s all about education.”

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Christmas Gift Guide with Banz Carewear & Friends

santa claus

Looking for that unique Christmas gift? At Banz Carewear we’ve invited other fabulous small businesses to bring you a selection of pressies strong in ho-ho-ho power! All these businesses are based in New Zealand, so shop local!

To find out more about each product, just click/tap on the photo, and you’ll be taken directly to the company’s website.

First of all I’d like to present our Banz Carewear sunglasses, earmuffs and sunhats. Protective gear is super-essential for little ones in summer and with the Banz Carewear brand you’re buying proven quality with flair and age-appropriate design. Visit our shop here for sunglasses, earmuffs and sunhats to suit from babies to teens – plus more gorgeous gear!

Baby in sunglasses held by DadBoy wearing JBanz Flyers BlackLittle girl in Mini EarmuffsBoy in Camo Green earmuffsBucket Sunhat in Palm Tree Magenta

Creation Station NZ

Get a load of this cool gear from Creation Station NZ! Owner Angela Muni tells me she and her husband Justin run the business in Kawerau and all items are personalised and then custom printed in the home-based studio. Angela says: “We love creating items that you love and that are unique to the person receiving them!” As well as clothing, Angela personalises funky items such as lunch boxes. (Please note, Creation Station’s cut-off for Christmas orders is 10th December.)

Creation Station 'Sawdust Is Boy Glitter' tee


Husband and wife team Belinda and Shane Osgood, the owners of Visualised, are all about making handcrafted items with love so others can enjoy. To this end, the couple combine their creative passion and skills in many areas – photography, woodwork, art, soft toys and more – to handmake each item with their hearts, as much as their hands. Personalising items is a passion, too! We’re featuring the Visualised cute and cuddly crocheted soft toy collection.

Visualised bunniesVisualised hedgehogVisualised OctopiVisualised teddies

Bear & Moo

Bear & Moo is a Hamilton-based company focused on making reusable products affordable, in a way that’s not only good for your pocket, but good for the environment. Behind Bear & Moo is owner Hannah Porter: “I’m an early 30s mum, wife, wedding planner, marriage celebrant and now retail business owner.  They say if you want something done, give it to a busy person… that’s me!  I have two sons, Regan (3) and Hadley (2) and am married to the wonderful Richard.  The range is specially made for Bear & Moo in China – this means we can keep the cost down.” See Bear & Moo for their beautiful range of modern cloth nappies and wet bags!

Bear & Moo 'Holiday Palms' wet bagBear & Moo 'Fruity Flamingos' wet bagBear & Moo 'Leafy Green' wet bagBear & Moo 'Go Bananas' wet bagBear & Moo 'Demolition' nappy

Totally Balmy

“My name is Sharon, chief creator, maker and the face of Totally Balmy. This business was born out of my passion for less plastic and fewer chemicals in my skincare regime. It started with lip balm, and has grown to include everything from baby balm and deodorant, to natural perfume and solid shampoo bars. I’m a mum to two young children and wife of Mr Balmy (who lovingly does the dishes so I can live my passion!). Every time I get an order I do a little dance!” Sharon makes fantastic soapy treats for children at Christmas!

All our featured businesses join with me in wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas!

santa claus
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My, how you’ve grown!

Boy and baby in sunglasses

Spring is the ideal time to ensure your children’s sun and sound safety gear still suits their age ‘n’ stage! Your kids will have grown over the cooler months and it’s important that their Banz Carewear sunglasses, earmuffs and sunhats are still a good fit.

Stay-put sunglasses for babies – and toddlers

Banz Carewear baby and kids’ sunglasses – both our Adventure Banz range and the wider-framed Retro Banz range – feature an adjustable soft neoprene headband, so you can get the perfect fit, every time. A good fit is more comfy for your child and means that sneaky sunlight won’t get round the edges of the close-fitting frames!

The first indication that your child has grown out of their Banz Carewear baby-size sunglasses is, of course, when the headband is too tight, even on the longest setting. Our Baby size fits babies under 2 years, or a head circumference of 43cm to 52cm; the Kidz size fits from 2-5 years, or a head circumference of 48cm to 55cm. Find the Adventure Banz range here and the Retro Banz range here.

If you’re measuring your child for sunglasses fit, make sure the tape goes around the eye area and head, where the sunglasses will be worn. Please don’t go by your latest Plunket head measurement! This is taken over the temples, higher on the head, so isn’t suitable to use when planning your child’s sunglasses size.

The Banz brand has been trusted by Kiwi parents for over 13 years… Banz offers 100% UV-proof lenses, high-quality ophthalmic-approved design, sturdy materials and after-sales service you won’t get elsewhere

Don’t be fooled by imitations when buying children’s sunglasses! Banz sunglasses were the first brand to feature the patented adjustable headband and we’re flattered others have copied our idea. However, no-one does it as well as the original! You may see knock-offs being sold more cheaply than Banz; however, the Banz brand has been trusted by Kiwi parents for over 13 years now for a reason – Banz offers 100% UV-proof lenses, high-quality ophthalmic-approved design, sturdy materials and after-sales service you won’t get elsewhere.

Older kids need JBanz sunglasses

Time to move past the adjustable headband? For older children, the JBanz range of four different styles means there’s something to suit every primary school-aged child.

All JBanz styles have classic sunglasses frames, but with a twist – literally! JBanz sunnies are specifically designed for use by youngsters and have bendable arms that won’t break! Along with rugged construction and polarised, 100% UV-proof lenses, stylish JBanz are a natural progression from Adventure Banz and Retro sunglasses for under fives.

Look here for JBanz sunglasses for approximately four-10 years!

Hearing protection for all ages

Banz Mini Muffs for little ones under two years are especially designed to exert only a minimal grip over a soft little head and this, plus the adjustable headband, makes for a comfortable and long-lasting fit. You’ll find Banz Mini Muffs here. It’s easy to slide the headband adjustment to the end of the band as your child’s head grows. But once you’re there, what’s next?

It’s time to move on up to Protective Earmuffs, which feature the same noise-reduction features as Mini Muffs (a grunty Class 4 noise-reduction rating; comfy design and a style which ‘grows’ with your child, as well as meeting a full suite of international standards).

Protective Earmuffs suit children from two years until 10+ years – in fact, they can be worn right through teenage years and into adulthood (we know, we use them ourselves!)

Protective Earmuffs suit children from two years until 10+ years – in fact, they can be worn right through teenage years and into adulthood (we know, we use them ourselves!). See the range here.

No sunhat, no play!

The importance of each child having a properly fitting sunhat in New Zealand is emphasised by the ‘no sunhat, no play’ rule at pre-schools nationwide. At Banz Carewear we have two ranges of everyday sunhats, adjustable to give a perfect fit, every time – and a range of legionnaire-style swimhats, designed for in and around the water at the pool and beach, so you can choose the size that suits.

Banz Reversible Sunhats come in two sizes – under two years and two to five years-plus (my average-sized boy wore his until he was nine!). These sunhats adjust around the wide brim with Velcro and feature a plain colour one side and a complimentary print on the other. You’ll be able to tell when your little one is getting ready for the bigger size when there’s not much Velcro to attach the hook part to! Check out the range here!

The Banz Bucket Sunhat range is new this year and comes in an extended size range – six months to two years (Small), two to four years (Medium) or four to six-plus years (Large). They’re so easy to adjust with a toggle and elastic fitting, so you can tell when the hat’s getting a bit snug and pop over here to grab the next size up! (Note, Pink/White Check and Vintage Rose colourways aren’t adjustable.)

Banz Flap Swimhats are a great idea for the beach or by the pool! The legionnaire-style hat with the super-long back flap and broad brim is made from swimsuit fabric – not only will they dry in double-quick time, but the ‘give’ in the fabric means we can offer a really broad size range!

When the Flap hat looks too stretched when worn, it’s time to go up a size (stretched fabric reduces the sun protection factor)

The Small size fits from three months up to 18 months; the Medium from 18 months to four years and the Large from four years to eight years. When the Flap hat looks too stretched when worn, it’s time to go up a size (stretched fabric reduces the sun protection factor). You’ll find the range here.

When should we upsize the kids’ Banz gear?

  • When your children are around the age of moving to the next size – at two and five years for sunglasses, two years for earmuffs and around two years and four years for sunhats
  • If you’ve reached the end of the adjustment mechanism on your Banz Carewear (the Velcro adjustment on the sunglasses and sunhats and the slider adjustment on the Mini Muffs), no matter what your child’s age
  • You notice the gear looks too tight and your child is uncomfortable – pop over to our website and move on up!

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Eco-packaging? You bet!

Mini Earmuffs - eco-pack 'Geo'

This month is Plastic-Free July – what better time to let you know about the new eco-friendly product packaging from
Banz Carewear?

In the past Banz product packaging has relied on plastics. That’s all set to change as the company presents Banz Carewear

Adventure Banz sunglasses eco-packsBanz Mini Muffs eco-packs


It’s time for change

I asked Banz international company director Chris Albonico how Banz Carewear have responded to the worldwide demand for eco-friendly product packaging.

“It’s become evident to us that consumers are very conscious of the effects their shopping habits – the products they buy – have on the environment. Our people in the European Union countries are particularly aware of this, as the EU is increasingly legislating that brands need to be responsible for the type of packaging they put into the market.

“With this in mind we decided that, along with the company rebranding from Baby Banz to Banz Carewear, we’d would incorporate a higher percentage of reusable/recyclable cardboard in packaging.”

Eco-packaging – the Banz Carewear perspective

What features are important when a multinational company such as Banz Carewear moves to eco-packaging?

Chris says: “The new packaging had to have a combination of sustainability while still maintaining aesthetic appeal to our stores and customers.

“Even though there are some small plastic elements the new packaging designs, over 90% of the packaging can be recycled.”

However, the move has come with challenges for Chris and his team.

“We’re aware that the eco-packaging is more susceptible to damage.  From the manufacturing process, to shipping, to storage, to in-store, the packaging is not as resilient as plastic packaging.

 “We’ve also found eco-friendly packaging to be about 10% more expensive than plastic packaging, and that has to either be absorbed in the margins, or passed onto the consumer.”

Rolling on out those sunglasses and earmuffs

When will we see Banz gear in the new packaging? Chris gives us some perspective about implementing a major change in an international market: “The transition from old to new packaging will take about 18 months-plus, on the international distribution side.  As well as using cardboard, we’ve also redesigned the boxes and our standard inner and outer cartons changed significantly.

“It’s a whole new challenge to make transport of the newly packaged product lines both efficient and cost effective! With four warehouses around the world, the logistical groundwork that’s required to be able to sell through the original packaging, and then launch the new packaging, has been underestimated. We’re working on it!”

Mini Earmuffs - eco-pack 'Geo'Adventure Banz sunglasses - eco-pack 'Pink Check'Mini Muffs eco-pack 'Aqua'Adventure Banz sunglasses eco-pack 'Aqua'Mini Muffs eco-pack 'Squiggle'


A warm welcome

What’s the reaction of the public and retailers to the new packaging? Chris is encouraged by the feedback.

“Stores want all-new packaging when they see it, consumers want the new packaging because it’s eco-friendly and better looking. As well, the positive reaction at trade shows in Cologne and Las Vegas has given us great optimism for the new materials and branding of Banz packaging!”

The New Zealand scene

Here in New Zealand the gorgeous new product packaging is rolling out as the older packaging sells through. Already, some Banz Mini Muffs are being sent out in the new, eco-friendly boxes, with any extra costs being absorbed and not passed on to
the customer.

This summer we will have several new and popular returning colours in Adventure Banz sunglasses heading out to you in the eco-packaging, as well as our new extended-size range Sunhats, so follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the big announcements!

Takeaway facts

  • Banz Carewear is moving to eco-friendly, sustainable product packaging
  • Why? You asked for it! And being a ‘good corporate citizen’ by using sustainable packaging is important to us
  • Most of the new packaging is cardboard
  • Over 90% of the new packaging is recyclable
  • In New Zealand some gear is already available in new packaging; more to follow!
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All aboard with Baby Bluetooth Earmuffs!

Soothe and entertain with Banz Safe 'n' Sound Earmuffs

Hands up if you’ve been in the car/bus/train/airplane and your little one just won’t settle?

Or does your baby find it hard to cope with the noise of your surroundings?

Banz can Help! Banz Safe ‘n’ Sound Bluetooth Mini Earmuffs for under 2 years double as hearing protectors and headphones, so you can play their favourite stories, music or white noise on the go (and the rest of the family doesn’t need to listen in… bliss!)!


The earmuffs’ Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to play sounds via any device, as the earmuffs come properly equipped with a micro USB charging cable and full instructions, as well as a useful drawstring carry bag.

No worries about causing damage to your child’s ears, either – the Safe ‘n’ Sound Bluetooth Mini Earmuffs are volume-limited – that means the sound will never exceed a safe level of 75 decibels.

Bang for your Buck! These special earmuffs double as sound-protective earmuffs and can be used without Bluetooth to save your little one’s hearing in noisy situations! The Safe ‘n’ Sound Bluetooth Earmuffs have the same grunty Class 4 hearing protection grading as our regular Mini Muffs.

Available in Silver, Blue and Pink, you can find Banz Safe ‘n’ Sound Bluetooth Earmuffs here.


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March is Festival Month!

Rock The Park, Grey Lynn, Auckland 2018

There’s so much going on in March! Music festivals, airshows and celebrations – and we all want to attend as a family!

Rock the Park, Grey Lynn, Auckland

Rock The Park, Grey Lynn, Auckland

Before Banz earmuffs came along, loud events could be a nightmare if you took the kids. No matter how much you try, ‘hands over ears’ is just not good enough to block out LOUD music, car and airplane noise – and if you had more than one child with sore ears… well, just not a happening thing!

We recommend taking Banz earmuffs to all the events your family goes to. Not only will they stop little ears hurting from loud sounds, but they look so cute as well!

Coming up this month:



WOMAD in New Plymouth, from 16th – 18th March.

World Music Festival – celebrate the world’s many forms of music, arts and dance!

Get your baby and children’s Banz earmuffs from:

Moturoa Shopping Centre
502 Saint Aubyn St
New Plymouth

Baby On The Move Taranaki
54 Matai Street

Baby City
Unit 2
2 Smart Road
New Plymouth


Beach Hop 18


REPCO BEACH HOP in Whangamata, from 21st March – 25th March.

New Zealand’s biggest rock’n’roll party with 20 bands, over 1000 registered hot rods, classic cars, street machines, muscle cars plus motorcycles, rock’n’roll dancing, retro pin-up show, junkyard fashion show, Hop Idol, retro caravan show and Nostalgia Fair.

Our Beach Hop stockist is Vigilante Apparel – keep an eye out for their banners!



WARBIRDS OVER WANAKA in Wanaka, from 30th March – 1st April.

Visit the MarinAir stand at Warbirds to get Banz baby and kids earmuffs and sunglasses!






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“Noise is the New Smoking”

Preschool play

The effect of excessive noise on kids made the news recently.

A Newshub (TV3) report has featured a Wellington audiologist who is concerned about the impact of the amount of noise in our environment.

Lisa Seerup noted the amount of noise a child is exposed to in pre-school or school, as well as in often-visited places like cafes, swimming pools and shopping malls, is often too much and may cause damage.

Many children are sensitive to overly loud situations and simply can’t cope in such environments.

Also, around 50% of infant toys, such as ‘Tickle Me Elmo’ and ‘Lullaby Glow worm’, exceed safe noise levels. This statistic blew me away! Our kids’ hearing should be safe when playing with toys!

Ms Seerup recommends using a Sound Level Meter phone app for checking sound levels – and votes with her feet by leaving places that exceed safe levels.


When your child can’t defend their own hearing by getting away from the noise, such as in a classroom situation or at a noisy event – Banz Mini Muffs for under 2s and Protective Earmuffs for 2-10+ years can do the job.

All Banz earmuffs cut sound to a safe level – but won’t put your child into a ‘cone of silence’ – they can still hear what’s going on.

This is what Ann-Marie has to say about using Banz earmuffs with her noise-sensitive daughter:

“The earmuffs work brilliantly in noisy environments and provide a quiet space for her to refocus herself.

“The classroom was filled with everyone chatting loudly, she couldn’t cope. I had a sobbing child rocking in my lap with her hands over her ears. I looked for a solution and ordered Banz earmuffs straight away.

“The first day she took them to school, it got noisy, she put them on and there was this amazing smile come over her face. Two minutes later she was ready to join in.

“They have been a life saver!”


Preventing excessive noise around kids is not just a fad or P.C gone mad. Why risk your child’s hearing – once it’s gone, it’s gone for good.

Banz earmuffs are best in noisy situations!

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5 Reasons Sunglasses are Essential for Babies and Kids

Baby in Retro Banz Cool White sunglasses

Sunglasses look great on babies and children – so cute! But there are so many more important reasons for them to wear sunnies – here’s just five!

Active Kiwi kids are out in the sun more than adults.
A lot of exposure to the sun happens when we are children – and parents are encouraged to get their kids outdoors as much as possible. “Kids should definitely wear sunglasses while they are outside,” says Dr Michael Jones, an Australian paediatric eye specialist. “Putting sunglasses on your kids should be part of the everyday sun protection routine. Kids get exposed to an extraordinary amount of sun in their early days and it really does have a cumulative effect. We’ve got to make sunglasses part of that slip, slop, slap routine.”

Protect their eyes outside!

Children’s eyes are more sensitive to the sun than adult eyes.
Your kids have ‘new’ eyes. The lens allows in about 70% more of the sun’s radiation than an adult’s eye, with the potential for eye problems such as cataracts and cancers in later life.
Encourage your kids to wear a sunhat, BUT be aware that sunhats don’t protect the eyes from UV radiation reflected upwards from water, sand or concrete (or snow).

A child’s eye will gradually store up the sun’s radiation.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) says children’s eyes more easily absorb UV radiation and up to 80% of a person’s lifetime exposure to UV will occur before the age of 18. It makes sense to reduce this as much as possible. Banz sunglasses, with their top specs – 100% U.VA and U.VB-blocking lenses, a top Eye Protection Factor of 10 and which meet the latest Australia/New Zealand Standard for Sunglasses and fashion spectacles AS/NZS 1067.1 2016 for sunglasses – are ideal.

The skin around a baby and child’s eye is very sensitive to U.V radiation.
U.V damage can potentially cause cancers to this delicate skin. Eye experts recommend wearing sunglasses that wrap around the eye area, as this style offers the best defence against damage to this area by closing in the sides of the sunglasses to sunlight.

Bright sun hurts kids’ eyes.
You wear sunglasses when you’re out in the sun to keep your eyes comfy, don’t you? So should your children! We’ve all seen babies rubbing and screwing up their eyes when the sun’s in them. They need sunglasses when they’re out and about!

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You Wear It Well: Banz Carewear Tips & Tricks

You’ve done all the right things and your child is kitted out with the latest Banz Carewear gear.

Let’s make sure you’re not putting their protection at risk by letting them wear it incorrectly!

Actually, it’s pretty hard to go wrong with Banz Carewear. But here’s a few tips to help with those final adjustments!

Stay-put sunglasses:

Any of our sunglasses with the stay-put, velcro adjustment are designed to be worn with the headband at the middle of the back of the head – not up or down. This is the most comfy position for your child.

How to wear stay-put sunglasses

If you’re measuring your child for Banz stay-put sunglasses, this is also the correct position to take the measurement – over the eye area and round the back – and don’t hold the tape too loosely -as the sunnies are worn snug so as not to allow sunlight in at the sides, take a ‘close yet comfy’ approach to measuring.

If your little one is a bit on the small side for their new stay-put sunglasses, don’t worry, they will soon grow into them! In the meantime, fold a piece of soft fabric into a pad and slip it under the headband at the back. The pad will fill in the space and soon won’t be needed as your child grows.

Banz earmuffs:

It’s best not to wear a hat underneath Banz earmuffs.

Dr David Welch, Head of Audiology at the University of Auckland, says: “If the cushion cannot seal on the side of the head, the sound can get through and it is amazing how much gets in. It is a real problem we encounter often in adults who work in cold environments and wear woollen hats to keep warm then don earmuffs on top – the sound just cuts through wool as though it wasn’t there.”

Your child’s ears will be kept cosy inside the ‘shell’ of the earmuff; fold hats back so they don’t sit under the earmuffs.

When you receive the larger Banz earmuffs for 2-10+ years, you’ll find the headband is quite tight. The headband is designed to loosen up with each wear, so the earmuffs grow along with your child. If you feel it’s too tight, we suggest opening out the earmuffs and placing them over two chair backs, or similar, and leave them in the stretched position for a few hours. You’ll find they have loosened up and won’t put such a tight grip over your child’s head.

Now, remember what our Wise Monkeys say: “See No Glare”, “Hear No Blare” and Feel No Flare” – and you’ll be sweet!

Banz Carewear - Sensitive care. Sensible Choice.Banz Carewear - Sensitive care. Sensible Choice.Banz Carewear - Sensitive care. Sensible Choice.