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11 Times Your Child Needs Banz Earmuffs

Our modern world is noiser than ever before – and babies and children go to events with the family that could place their delicate hearing at risk. Did you know? Damage to hearing accumulates and can’t be reversed – unlike a cut on the finger, damage to your child’s hearing won’t heal. This damage is […]

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Prince George wears Banz Mini Muffs!

The stars come out for Banz!

Facebook reminded me recently that it’s been a year since we saw the news out of the U.K – Prince George wore Banz Mini Muffs when he was at his first official public engagement, with his parents the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – Prince William and the lovely Kate Middleton, to you and me! […]

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Winter packs a wallop!

It’s winter! Time to rug up beneath layers and puffer jackets, scarves and woolly hats (and hey, don’t we all love a good pom pom?). Time to forget about slathering on sunscreen, using sunglasses – there’s no sunshine to hurt you, right? Woah, Nellie! Not so right. If you don’t want to feel the burn, […]

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He’s the reason for it all…

The original Banz baby! See that cutie in the purple sunglasses and blue sunhat? That’s our boy Jack, at the age of about nine months. Jack was the reason we – me, Andrea and my husband Tony – decided to bring Banz into New Zealand in 2005. When Jack was born in April 2005, we […]

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