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My, how you’ve grown!

Boy and baby in sunglasses

Spring is the ideal time to ensure your children’s sun and sound safety gear still suits their age ‘n’ stage! Your kids will have grown over the cooler months and it’s important that their Banz Carewear sunglasses, earmuffs and sunhats are still a good fit.

Stay-put sunglasses for babies – and toddlers

Banz Carewear baby and kids’ sunglasses – both our Adventure Banz range and the wider-framed Retro Banz range – feature an adjustable soft neoprene headband, so you can get the perfect fit, every time. A good fit is more comfy for your child and means that sneaky sunlight won’t get round the edges of the close-fitting frames!

The first indication that your child has grown out of their Banz Carewear baby-size sunglasses is, of course, when the headband is too tight, even on the longest setting. Our Baby size fits babies under 2 years, or a head circumference of 43cm to 52cm; the Kidz size fits from 2-5 years, or a head circumference of 48cm to 55cm. Find the Adventure Banz range here and the Retro Banz range here.

If you’re measuring your child for sunglasses fit, make sure the tape goes around the eye area and head, where the sunglasses will be worn. Please don’t go by your latest Plunket head measurement! This is taken over the temples, higher on the head, so isn’t suitable to use when planning your child’s sunglasses size.

The Banz brand has been trusted by Kiwi parents for over 13 years… Banz offers 100% UV-proof lenses, high-quality ophthalmic-approved design, sturdy materials and after-sales service you won’t get elsewhere

Don’t be fooled by imitations when buying children’s sunglasses! Banz sunglasses were the first brand to feature the patented adjustable headband and we’re flattered others have copied our idea. However, no-one does it as well as the original! You may see knock-offs being sold more cheaply than Banz; however, the Banz brand has been trusted by Kiwi parents for over 13 years now for a reason – Banz offers 100% UV-proof lenses, high-quality ophthalmic-approved design, sturdy materials and after-sales service you won’t get elsewhere.

Older kids need JBanz sunglasses

Time to move past the adjustable headband? For older children, the JBanz range of four different styles means there’s something to suit every primary school-aged child.

All JBanz styles have classic sunglasses frames, but with a twist – literally! JBanz sunnies are specifically designed for use by youngsters and have bendable arms that won’t break! Along with rugged construction and polarised, 100% UV-proof lenses, stylish JBanz are a natural progression from Adventure Banz and Retro sunglasses for under fives.

Look here for JBanz sunglasses for approximately four-10 years!

Hearing protection for all ages

Banz Mini Muffs for little ones under two years are especially designed to exert only a minimal grip over a soft little head and this, plus the adjustable headband, makes for a comfortable and long-lasting fit. You’ll find Banz Mini Muffs here. It’s easy to slide the headband adjustment to the end of the band as your child’s head grows. But once you’re there, what’s next?

It’s time to move on up to Protective Earmuffs, which feature the same noise-reduction features as Mini Muffs (a grunty Class 4 noise-reduction rating; comfy design and a style which ‘grows’ with your child, as well as meeting a full suite of international standards).

Protective Earmuffs suit children from two years until 10+ years – in fact, they can be worn right through teenage years and into adulthood (we know, we use them ourselves!)

Protective Earmuffs suit children from two years until 10+ years – in fact, they can be worn right through teenage years and into adulthood (we know, we use them ourselves!). See the range here.

No sunhat, no play!

The importance of each child having a properly fitting sunhat in New Zealand is emphasised by the ‘no sunhat, no play’ rule at pre-schools nationwide. At Banz Carewear we have two ranges of everyday sunhats, adjustable to give a perfect fit, every time – and a range of legionnaire-style swimhats, designed for in and around the water at the pool and beach, so you can choose the size that suits.

Banz Reversible Sunhats come in two sizes – under two years and two to five years-plus (my average-sized boy wore his until he was nine!). These sunhats adjust around the wide brim with Velcro and feature a plain colour one side and a complimentary print on the other. You’ll be able to tell when your little one is getting ready for the bigger size when there’s not much Velcro to attach the hook part to! Check out the range here!

The Banz Bucket Sunhat range is new this year and comes in an extended size range – six months to two years (Small), two to four years (Medium) or four to six-plus years (Large). They’re so easy to adjust with a toggle and elastic fitting, so you can tell when the hat’s getting a bit snug and pop over here to grab the next size up! (Note, Pink/White Check and Vintage Rose colourways aren’t adjustable.)

Banz Flap Swimhats are a great idea for the beach or by the pool! The legionnaire-style hat with the super-long back flap and broad brim is made from swimsuit fabric – not only will they dry in double-quick time, but the ‘give’ in the fabric means we can offer a really broad size range!

When the Flap hat looks too stretched when worn, it’s time to go up a size (stretched fabric reduces the sun protection factor)

The Small size fits from three months up to 18 months; the Medium from 18 months to four years and the Large from four years to eight years. When the Flap hat looks too stretched when worn, it’s time to go up a size (stretched fabric reduces the sun protection factor). You’ll find the range here.

When should we upsize the kids’ Banz gear?

  • When your children are around the age of moving to the next size – at two and five years for sunglasses, two years for earmuffs and around two years and four years for sunhats
  • If you’ve reached the end of the adjustment mechanism on your Banz Carewear (the Velcro adjustment on the sunglasses and sunhats and the slider adjustment on the Mini Muffs), no matter what your child’s age
  • You notice the gear looks too tight and your child is uncomfortable – pop over to our website and move on up!

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March is Festival Month!

Rock The Park, Grey Lynn, Auckland 2018

There’s so much going on in March! Music festivals, airshows and celebrations – and we all want to attend as a family!

Rock the Park, Grey Lynn, Auckland

Rock The Park, Grey Lynn, Auckland

Before Banz earmuffs came along, loud events could be a nightmare if you took the kids. No matter how much you try, ‘hands over ears’ is just not good enough to block out LOUD music, car and airplane noise – and if you had more than one child with sore ears… well, just not a happening thing!

We recommend taking Banz earmuffs to all the events your family goes to. Not only will they stop little ears hurting from loud sounds, but they look so cute as well!

Coming up this month:



WOMAD in New Plymouth, from 16th – 18th March.

World Music Festival – celebrate the world’s many forms of music, arts and dance!

Get your baby and children’s Banz earmuffs from:

Moturoa Shopping Centre
502 Saint Aubyn St
New Plymouth

Baby On The Move Taranaki
54 Matai Street

Baby City
Unit 2
2 Smart Road
New Plymouth


Beach Hop 18


REPCO BEACH HOP in Whangamata, from 21st March – 25th March.

New Zealand’s biggest rock’n’roll party with 20 bands, over 1000 registered hot rods, classic cars, street machines, muscle cars plus motorcycles, rock’n’roll dancing, retro pin-up show, junkyard fashion show, Hop Idol, retro caravan show and Nostalgia Fair.

Our Beach Hop stockist is Vigilante Apparel – keep an eye out for their banners!



WARBIRDS OVER WANAKA in Wanaka, from 30th March – 1st April.

Visit the MarinAir stand at Warbirds to get Banz baby and kids earmuffs and sunglasses!






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5 Reasons Sunglasses are Essential for Babies and Kids

Baby in Retro Banz Cool White sunglasses

Sunglasses look great on babies and children – so cute! But there are so many more important reasons for them to wear sunnies – here’s just five!

Active Kiwi kids are out in the sun more than adults.
A lot of exposure to the sun happens when we are children – and parents are encouraged to get their kids outdoors as much as possible. “Kids should definitely wear sunglasses while they are outside,” says Dr Michael Jones, an Australian paediatric eye specialist. “Putting sunglasses on your kids should be part of the everyday sun protection routine. Kids get exposed to an extraordinary amount of sun in their early days and it really does have a cumulative effect. We’ve got to make sunglasses part of that slip, slop, slap routine.”

Protect their eyes outside!

Children’s eyes are more sensitive to the sun than adult eyes.
Your kids have ‘new’ eyes. The lens allows in about 70% more of the sun’s radiation than an adult’s eye, with the potential for eye problems such as cataracts and cancers in later life.
Encourage your kids to wear a sunhat, BUT be aware that sunhats don’t protect the eyes from UV radiation reflected upwards from water, sand or concrete (or snow).

A child’s eye will gradually store up the sun’s radiation.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) says children’s eyes more easily absorb UV radiation and up to 80% of a person’s lifetime exposure to UV will occur before the age of 18. It makes sense to reduce this as much as possible. Banz sunglasses, with their top specs – 100% U.VA and U.VB-blocking lenses, a top Eye Protection Factor of 10 and which meet the latest Australia/New Zealand Standard for Sunglasses and fashion spectacles AS/NZS 1067.1 2016 for sunglasses – are ideal.

The skin around a baby and child’s eye is very sensitive to U.V radiation.
U.V damage can potentially cause cancers to this delicate skin. Eye experts recommend wearing sunglasses that wrap around the eye area, as this style offers the best defence against damage to this area by closing in the sides of the sunglasses to sunlight.

Bright sun hurts kids’ eyes.
You wear sunglasses when you’re out in the sun to keep your eyes comfy, don’t you? So should your children! We’ve all seen babies rubbing and screwing up their eyes when the sun’s in them. They need sunglasses when they’re out and about!

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You Wear It Well: Banz Carewear Tips & Tricks

You’ve done all the right things and your child is kitted out with the latest Banz Carewear gear.

Let’s make sure you’re not putting their protection at risk by letting them wear it incorrectly!

Actually, it’s pretty hard to go wrong with Banz Carewear. But here’s a few tips to help with those final adjustments!

Stay-put sunglasses:

Any of our sunglasses with the stay-put, velcro adjustment are designed to be worn with the headband at the middle of the back of the head – not up or down. This is the most comfy position for your child.

How to wear stay-put sunglasses

If you’re measuring your child for Banz stay-put sunglasses, this is also the correct position to take the measurement – over the eye area and round the back – and don’t hold the tape too loosely -as the sunnies are worn snug so as not to allow sunlight in at the sides, take a ‘close yet comfy’ approach to measuring.

If your little one is a bit on the small side for their new stay-put sunglasses, don’t worry, they will soon grow into them! In the meantime, fold a piece of soft fabric into a pad and slip it under the headband at the back. The pad will fill in the space and soon won’t be needed as your child grows.

Banz earmuffs:

It’s best not to wear a hat underneath Banz earmuffs.

Dr David Welch, Head of Audiology at the University of Auckland, says: “If the cushion cannot seal on the side of the head, the sound can get through and it is amazing how much gets in. It is a real problem we encounter often in adults who work in cold environments and wear woollen hats to keep warm then don earmuffs on top – the sound just cuts through wool as though it wasn’t there.”

Your child’s ears will be kept cosy inside the ‘shell’ of the earmuff; fold hats back so they don’t sit under the earmuffs.

When you receive the larger Banz earmuffs for 2-10+ years, you’ll find the headband is quite tight. The headband is designed to loosen up with each wear, so the earmuffs grow along with your child. If you feel it’s too tight, we suggest opening out the earmuffs and placing them over two chair backs, or similar, and leave them in the stretched position for a few hours. You’ll find they have loosened up and won’t put such a tight grip over your child’s head.

Now, remember what our Wise Monkeys say: “See No Glare”, “Hear No Blare” and Feel No Flare” – and you’ll be sweet!

Banz Carewear - Sensitive care. Sensible Choice.Banz Carewear - Sensitive care. Sensible Choice.Banz Carewear - Sensitive care. Sensible Choice.



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The stars come out for Banz!

Facebook reminded me recently that it’s been a year since we saw the news out of the U.K – Prince George wore Banz Mini Muffs when he was at his first official public engagement, with his parents the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – Prince William and the lovely Kate Middleton, to you and me!

Apart from my first reaction of “OMG, has that been a whole year, where does time go???”, it occurred to me that so many celebs worldwide rely on Banz hearing protection for their babies and kids and I haven’t got all the photos in one place.

So, here’s the round-up of a variety of famous people and their kids over the past few years.

Warning – cute baby pics ahead!

First up, here’s our royal Banz Fan, Prince George!

Musicians know how important it is to protect their hearing. The coolest use Banz Mini Muffs and Protective Earmuffs for their kids!

Sporting events are so loud! It’s great to see our sporting heroes take hearing protection for their kids so seriously and use Banz!

That’s the best of the best in Banz – keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram feeds, where I’ll feature future celeb kids in Banz gear.


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He’s the reason for it all…

Blue The original Banz baby!

See that cutie in the purple sunglasses and blue sunhat? That’s our boy Jack, at the age of about nine months.

Jack was the reason we – me, Andrea and my husband Tony – decided to bring Banz into New Zealand in 2005.

When Jack was born in April 2005, we were rapt. Our precious bundle was never going to come to any harm, so we looked around for all the safety gear new parents get – monitors, straps, gates…

But the one thing we couldn’t find was sunglasses, important as we have relatives in Australia and we wanted to visit as much as possible. Yet we were aware that the sun caused damage to vulnerable eyes – and hey, we felt much more comfortable with our sunnies on, so our baby would, too.

During an Australian visit, when Jack was five months old, we saw Banz sunglasses in a Sydney chemist. At last, just what we were looking for! We bought a pair – Purple, the ones in the pic above – and were amazed that he took to them so readily. And he looked so cute! People actually stopped us in the street to say how cute he looked.

We knew we were onto a winner. Contact with the Australian supplier confirmed that yes, they were looking for a New Zealand distributor  – so we took it on.

Today, Jack is 12 years old! He’s grown up in front of the camera wearing Banz gear, just as many of your kids have, too.


 Modelling Adventure Banz in Red at the age of four


Cheeky! JBanz sunglasses and Kiwi Black earmuffs, 2012


Nine years old – with Red earmuffs

Now he’s 12 – and still wearing Banz (JBanz Flexerz sunglasses, this time!)

Have your kids grown up with Banz? Tell us!