Child wearing Mini Muffs in Silver ar preschool


We’re so grateful our customers tell us how much they love their Banz Carewear – and we’d love to hear from your family, too!
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“My daughter has SPD [sensory processing disorder] and we’ve been really limited in the places we can go, as she’d have a meltdown if there was too much noise for her. I was thrilled when I found Banz earmuffs! She had no problem getting used to them and now she asks for them when we go out – and even when things get too much for her at home. They’ve been a lifesaver for our family!”

~ Stephanie, Christchurch

“Since my boys were little, Baby Carewear NZ has been my go-to store for baby and child sized sunglasses, plus earmuffs for little ears! As brand I can trust, when I saw the new Banz insulated water bottles, I knew exactly what to get my (now older) boys for school and home. They keep their water so cool, perfect for hot Taranaki days. I’ve even ordered one each for myself and my husband, plus some reusable metal straws. I’m loving the new expanded ranges!”

~ Jackie, New Plymouth

“Just wanted to say we love Banz! We’ve been renovating since before my two year-old was born, so he’s had the baby earmuffs – and now the toddler ones-  and he loves them. He’s thrashed them too but they’re still in great condition. Also the widebrim adjustable sunhat is the absolute best we’ve bought, it’s lightweight and he actually keeps it on all day!”

~ Elena, Auckland

We go everywhere with Sven’s Beachcomber sunglasses – he love them! Sven (12 weeks) has not tried to take them off and he gets heaps of compliments. I love how they protect my son’s eyes in the stronger U.V rays.  I’m a very happy customer and recommend that everyone buys these for their babies!”

~ Miranda, New Zealand

“Banz Carewear NZ provided a quick friendly service (ordered one day and they were here the very next!). The sunglasses are great quality and will protect my little one’s eyes this summer. Thanks again!”

~ Rebecca, Hamilton

Got these stay-put sunglasses for my boy. They are amazing – so easy to put on and off and they stay there all day! Definitely worth it and definitely needed in this weather!

~ Katie, New Zealand

“I was thrilled to get my baby’s Banz earmuffs so quickly! We opened the box together and when I put them on him, he was really happy to wear them. When my partner started the chainsaw later, Bubs was great – he didn’t jump like he used to, and he could still hear me. Ten out of 10 for Banz earmuffs!”

~ Ginny, Dunedin

You really do the best ear defenders for little ones. The girls absolutely love theirs and we have no problem getting them to keep them on!

~ Gracie, now U.K-based

“Wowee, thanks team! I’m so impressed that this turned up today!! I’m so pleased with them. I wish all my other online orders were as quick, LOL! Cheers!” [Melissa’s order was sent in the first week back at work after Level 4 of the Covid-19 lockdown.]

~ Melissa, Hamilton

My partner is a muso and we took our wee guy to all sorts of things with these on [Banz Mini Muffs earmuffs] from when he was just a few weeks old, they were great. Now he has the next size up and asks for them whenever we are near anything loud (including when I vacuum, LOL). Great to get them used to earmuffs early and make it normal to wear ear protection.

~ A Kiwi Mum

“Hello! I want to say that your Retro Banz sunglasses are beyond amazing and have been so life changing! My daughter Allison has severe eye dryness, is extremely sensitive to light and is legally blind. Allison has recently been able to be outdoors a lot more because of your sunglasses! I’m extremely grateful for your product and I recommend them to all my mummy friends. Your product has allowed Allison to have a life outside in the sun and I’m forever grateful.”

~ Alicia

“Our JBanz Chameleon colour-changing sunglasses arrived and the kids LOVE them! Mr 7 sleeps with them by his pillow!”

~ Chrissie, Okoia

My five year-old started to complain about headaches from school being too noisy a while ago. After making sure it wasn’t a sight or neck problem we decided to get her some earmuffs and I’ve always thought Banz earmuffs looked cool. My girl picked her own design and she’s been super stoked to bring them to school. Many thanks for a great product and amazing turnaround time!

~ Katja, Auckland

“These Mini Muffs are brilliant. My six month-old son crashed out at the Eminem concert with these on. He didn’t budge to all the bangs, LOL! Definitely recommend these!”

~ Natasha, Auckland

Amazing customer service and super fast shipping, thank you so much! Love your earmuffs and would recommend your products and business to everyone!”

~ Laura, Invercargill

Oh man, I love these earmuffs. My daughter has Down Syndrome and without them we wouldn’t be able to go to shows, or movies or have fireworks. They look cool too!”

~ Jodi, Wellington

“The Safe ‘n’ Sound Bluetooth Mini Earmuffs have been a game changer when attending his older brother’s sporting events! When Ry starts to drift off to sleep we turn a little music on for him and he can get a solid nap, undisturbed by all the noise and cheering. Thanks for such an awesome product!”

~ Kristen, via Instagram

“Hi, just wanted to say what an excellent service you provide, fast delivery and great communication. The products are lovely.”

~ Carole Rogers, Porirua

“Our baby slept through a burnout comp with her Banz Mini Muffs on. Awesome purchase!”

~ Kelly Drummond, Palmerston North

“I love that you do the set of sunglasses and earmuffs together [Protection Set]! The colours are so cool, too. We’re definitely buying one for Mia.”

~ Michelle, the Baby Show 2017

“Thank you, Banz Carewear, for making top quality baby earmuffs. Thanks to you guys I was able to take my three month-old to her first burn-out competition this afternoon and I knew her delicate ears were safe and protected! They fit her like a glove and she wasn’t bothered by them at all! So happy that we can include her in the things we like to do as a family!”

~ Jenny McIntyre, Whakatane

“My daughter has Down Syndrome and is very sensitive to loud noise and crowds. Her Banz earmuffs have allowed us to go places that she would usually freak out at! We even managed The Wiggles concert a couple of years ago with them!”

~ Niketa Lilburn, Ohakune

“My daughter has sensory issues due to a brain infection and the earmuffs work brilliantly in noisy environments to provide a quiet space for her to refocus herself again. They have been a life saver!
I bought a pair after coming home one day from school drop-off and, because the classroom was filled with everyone chatting loudly, she couldn’t cope. I had a sobbing child rocking in my lap with her hands over her ears.
Needless to say I came home looking for a solution and ordered Banz earmuffs straight away. The first day she took them to school after getting them, it got noisy, she put them on and there was this amazing smile come over her face. Two minutes later they were off her ears and she was ready to join in.
Seriously I love them!!!!”

~ Anne Marie Wilkes, Rolleston

“We love our Banz earmuffs! They keep my boys’ ears safe at the drags and while “helping” daddy in the shed!”

~ Tui Campbell, Auckland

“Great product but absolutely fantastic customer service. Cannot recommend enough!”

~ Shannon Douglas, Te Anau

“Excellent, we use the sunnies and the earmuffs from our Protection Set all the time. The earmuffs are great for flying!”

~ Libby Clews, Mangawhai Heads

“I have ordered a few things over the years, and have always been very impressed with the quality of the products and service.”

~ Kym Moore, Hamilton

“Yesterday I did my first order with Banz Carewear, I wished I’d ordered another set of earmuffs, LOL! Excellent, super fast – arrived this morning and I’m super happy, I’ll definitely be back for more! Love everything – the service is top quality, the post speed super fast – thanks, you’ve got a very happy customer here!”

~Sarz Jane, Ashburton

“Awesome product! Great communication and super fast delivery. Ordered one morning, got the parcel the next morning – thanks for the brilliant service!”

~ Jordyn Griffin, Waikato

“We love Banz earmuffs! I bought a set of earmuffs for my older boy and now, five years  later, I ordered a set for my baby boy! They were delivered within two days and fit perfectly!”

~ Therisa Keenan, Morrinsville