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You Wear It Well: Banz Carewear Tips & Tricks

You’ve done all the right things and your child is kitted out with the latest Banz Carewear gear.

Let’s make sure you’re not putting their protection at risk by letting them wear it incorrectly!

Actually, it’s pretty hard to go wrong with Banz Carewear. But here’s a few tips to help with those final adjustments!

Stay-put sunglasses:

Any of our sunglasses with the stay-put, velcro adjustment are designed to be worn with the headband at the middle of the back of the head – not up or down. This is the most comfy position for your child.

How to wear stay-put sunglasses

If you’re measuring your child for Banz stay-put sunglasses, this is also the correct position to take the measurement – over the eye area and round the back – and don’t hold the tape too loosely -as the sunnies are worn snug so as not to allow sunlight in at the sides, take a ‘close yet comfy’ approach to measuring.

If your little one is a bit on the small side for their new stay-put sunglasses, don’t worry, they will soon grow into them! In the meantime, fold a piece of soft fabric into a pad and slip it under the headband at the back. The pad will fill in the space and soon won’t be needed as your child grows.

Banz earmuffs:

It’s best not to wear a hat underneath Banz earmuffs.

Dr David Welch, Head of Audiology at the University of Auckland, says: “If the cushion cannot seal on the side of the head, the sound can get through and it is amazing how much gets in. It is a real problem we encounter often in adults who work in cold environments and wear woollen hats to keep warm then don earmuffs on top โ€“ the sound just cuts through wool as though it wasnโ€™t there.”

Your child’s ears will be kept cosy inside the ‘shell’ of the earmuff; fold hats back so they don’t sit under the earmuffs.

When you receive the larger Banz earmuffs for 2-10+ years, you’ll find the headband is quite tight. The headband is designed to loosen up with each wear, so the earmuffs grow along with your child. If you feel it’s too tight, we suggest opening out the earmuffs and placing them over two chair backs, or similar, and leave them in the stretched position for a few hours. You’ll find they have loosened up and won’t put such a tight grip over your child’s head.

Now, remember what our Wise Monkeys say: “See No Glare”, “Hear No Blare” and Feel No Flare” – and you’ll be sweet!

Banz Carewear - Sensitive care. Sensible Choice.Banz Carewear - Sensitive care. Sensible Choice.Banz Carewear - Sensitive care. Sensible Choice.



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  1. Very handy info for Banz wearers (and their wranglers)!

    1. Thanks, Pam!

  2. I love Wise Monkey! He makes you remember the three rules!

    1. Absolutely, Tracy!

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