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Little girl in Mini Muffs

Busting 6 Hearing Protection Myths

The importance of protecting children’s hearing in noisy situations with earmuffs is a recent phenomenon – so recent, that we’ve come across several myths and misconceptions about using earmuffs for children. We’re going to debunk those myths, get rid of the fake news and tell you how it really is! Bust that fake news! Myth […]

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Soothe and entertain with Banz Safe 'n' Sound Earmuffs

All aboard with Baby Bluetooth Earmuffs!

Hands up if you’ve been in the car/bus/train/airplane and your little one just won’t settle? Or does your baby find it hard to cope with the noise of your surroundings? Banz can Help! Banz Safe ‘n’ Sound Bluetooth Mini Earmuffs for under 2 years double as hearing protectors and headphones, so you can play their […]

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Preschool play

“Noise is the New Smoking”

The effect of excessive noise on kids made the news recently. A Newshub (TV3) report has featured a Wellington audiologist who is concerned about the impact of the amount of noise in our environment. Lisa Seerup noted the amount of noise a child is exposed to in pre-school or school, as well as in […]

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11 Times Your Child Needs Banz Earmuffs

Our modern world is noiser than ever before – and babies and children go to events with the family that could place their delicate hearing at risk. Did you know? Damage to hearing accumulates and can’t be reversed – unlike a cut on the finger, damage to your child’s hearing won’t heal. This damage is […]

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