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5 MORE Times Your Child Needs Banz Earmuffs

You asked for it!

Our previous blog, ’11 Times Your Child Needs Banz Earmuffs’ is one of our best-read entries! Read on to find even more reasons why your child needs to use Banz earmuffs.

A helping hand for the Sandman

We all know how difficult it can be to sleep through external noise – house construction, loud parties, dogs barking, inconsiderate neighbours… and it’s all the more frustrating when there’s nothing you can do to stop the noise. This means your little ones can have trouble taking their day naps, or falling asleep with earlier bedtimes in the summer when it’s noisy outside.

Banz earmuffs can help! Pop them on as children are settling. They can be removed once the earmuffs have done their job and your child is asleep.

There’s construction close by… but Allie sleeps on

I hear thunder…

As our climate warms we we seem to be getting so many more thunderstorms! These storms can be a real trial for many families as the LOUD cracks of thunder can scare their kids.

Reach for the Banz earmuffs! Wearing earmuffs reassures children that the thunder can’t ‘get them’ and gives parents a tool to stop any panic when kids hear the noise that electrical storms produce.

Earmuffs can help calm fears in noisy weather

Learning a musical instrument

While we all want our kids to love music and play an instrument themselves, sometimes it’s appropriate to protect their hearing while they practice. After all, any rock star will tell you that their hearing is always on the line. Lead singer of AC/DC, Brian Johnson, told Rolling Stone magazine: β€œI couldn’t hear the tone of the guitars at all. It was a horrible kind of deafness. I was literally getting by on muscle memory and mouth shapes.”

Luckily Johnson has been able to use specialist experimental treatment to minimise the damage, but that’s not available to the average person – and prevention is always better than cure!

If your child is learning the drums, bagpipes or any other particularly loud instrument, top-quality Banz earmuffs are recommended.

Doing what she loves with safe hearing

Hunting and shooting families

Whether it be for pest control, recreational hunting or target practice, if small ears are around guns firing, hearing protection is essential. Please don’t use ear plugs, as nothing smaller than an elbow should go into a child’s ear canal (and brightly coloured ear plugs are choking hazards).

Banz earmuffs, especially designed for babies and children to use, are the answer. The Class 4 hearing protection (just one grade less than industrial strength) will muffle the sound of the shots to a safe level, while ensuring your child can still hear you speak – essential around firearms.

Keeping little ears safe while hunting

Sometimes, Life is just loud

You never know when your child might be exposed to sound that could damage their hearing. Remember, damage from noise adds up and never gets better, which is why adults can stand a noise that sounds okay to their older, more damaged hearing, but which is loud and can even be painful for children.

Taken on stage! ‘I’m with the band’…

Who would have thought blenders and vacuum cleaners were so loud to little ones? Don’t let them get upset; give your kids the reassurance and protection of earmuffs.

Too loud for new hearing without Banz

Of course, there’s lots of unexpected noisemakers outside, too…

Ready for that casual ride on the lawnmower!

and it’s never too early to be sound-safe around your dad’s big boys’ toys, either!

Jackson’s right into this – and his hearing’s safe

The moral of the story?

I bet you’ve heard this one before. BE PREPARED! It’s so easy to grab your child’s earmuffs when you have them already – but it’s just as quick to damage their hearing by not having them handy in the first place.