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6 Super Shower Gifts From Banz Carewear and Baby On The Move

Baby in Protection Set Squiggle

Maybe it’s your bestie who’s pregnant… or a work mate… or a family member.

No matter who it is, you’ll want to give their baby a ‘Welcome to the World’ gift that’s useful, practical and safe. Banz and Baby On The Move have you – and the little one! – covered!

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Adventure Banz sunglasses – happily worn from the earliest day
Just chillin’ in his Beachcomber sunglasses

1. Adventure Banz Sunglasses and Beachcomber Sunglasses
Adventure Banz sunglasses come in wide range of colours and patterns, with a soft, comfy headband that’s easily adjusted for growth with velcro and lenses that block 100% of the sun’s U.V rays. These are the baby sunglasses loved by parents for over 16 years in New Zealand. Bonus – choose from polarised/non-polarised lenses!

Beachcomber sunglasses are the latest release from Banz. Polarised, U.V-proof lenses in a classic sunglasses frame, this range’s fashion-forward, patterned flexible frames make that new arrival the coolest baby in town!

Mama + Me Roller Blend 10ml in Labour Uplift

2. Essential Oils for Labour
It’s not all about the baby at a shower! Mum will really appreciate your kind thoughts when you gift her this lovely Mama + Me ‘Labour Uplift’ essential oil roller, especially blended to promote relaxation.

Physically refreshing and emotionally uplifting during a long labour, this lemon and sweet orange blend can also be used to decrease labour anxiety. Available from Baby On The Move stores.

Earmuffs for under 2 years dampen that LOUD sound, for a cheerful baby

3. Banz Earmuffs for Under-2 Years
No longer do babies stay at home every day – where the family goes, so does Baby! Make sure their brand-new, sensitive hearing doesn’t take a bashing with Banz Hear No Blare earmuffs.

The over-the-head, adjustable headband is specially designed not to squeeze a soft baby head and means the set will stay in place and won’t slide down over the forehead (unlike elasticated fabric-banded earmuffs).

A Class 4 hearing protection grade (just one grade less than the industrial-strength rating!) gives parents confidence their little one’s ears are fully protected.

One-Size Cloth Nappy in ‘Dancing Ants’ by Pea Pods

4. Cloth nappies for baby
Cloth nappies are the modern ‘go-to’ for babies and Pea Pods do the job brilliantly. This bamboo cloth nappy is ultra absorbent, naturally antibacterial and made from a sustainable resource.

Each cloth nappy comes as a complete unit – the absorbent bamboo insert is included. Packaged in a complimentary wet bag (useful for travelling – don’t throw it away!). Pea Pods feature a snug, trim fit, with a wide range of stylish outer colours and patterns. Available from Baby On The Move stores.

Baby in Protection Set Squiggle
Happy to protect her senses! Protection Set duo in Squiggle

5. Banz Protection Sets are a combo pack of baby sunglasses and earmuffs. There’s a wide range of complementary colours and patterns available and, because you’re ‘buying in bulk’, it’s cheaper to buy a Protection Set than it is to buy sunglasses and earmuffs separately!

Available in plain colours Aqua, Lime Green and Magenta, and patterns Graffiti, Kaleidoscope, Peace and Squiggle.

Reversible Sunhat Jungle on a baby
A Reversible Sunhat gives super-shady protection

6. Reversible Sunhats One of three sunhat range on offer, Banz Reversible sunhats are especially good for our littlest customers. It’s all in the brim – wide enough to really protect little faces and necks, and adjustable for growth. Having a perfect fit, every time also does away with under-the-chin ties, a strangulation hazard that’s no longer approved by many pre-schools.

Add in durable UV-protective, shrink-resistant polyester fabric, which blocks 98% of UV rays and allows for breathability, quick drying and comfort – and you’ve got a winner!