Sun-Safe Wrist Band – Happy Hippos (child size)

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Take the guesswork out of knowing when to re-apply your sunscreen – use a Sun-Safe Band on each member of the family!

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Sun-Safe Wrist Band - Happy Hippos (child size)

The centre of your Sun-Safe Band gradually darkens as it absorbs the burning ultraviolet rays of the sun – that means it’s time to to slap on sunscreen!

When applying sunscreen before heading outdoors, also pop a slick of sunscreen over the centre of your Sun-Safe Band. The centre of the Band will gradually darken as the sunscreen wears off – and that’s your cue to reapply sunscreen to you and your kids! (Wash off any build up of sunscreen on the Sun-Safe Band after use with warm water.)

Sun-Safe Bands will last for approximately one summer season of three months – although many customers report they last longer! A guide to the colour changes on the Sun-Safe Band is included with each Band you buy.

Sun-Safe Bands also feature two domes in the Child and Teen sizes, and three domes in the Adult size, so you can size the Band to get the best fit around the wrist.

Remember – nothing replaces common sense when dealing with the sun’s dangers – slip, slop, slap and wrap!