Lapis Blue Protective Case for Earmuffs (2-10+ years)


Prevent bumps, scratches, crumbs and other damage to your child’s earmuffs with a useful storage case!

This case is in Lapis Blue to fit the larger Banz earmuffs for 2-10+ years.

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Lapis Blue Protective Case for Earmuffs (2-10+ years)

Presented here in Lapis Blue to fit Banz earmuffs for 2-10+ years, these durable hard cases provide safe storage and protection for your earmuffs when not in use.

Thereโ€™s a handy mesh pocket inside to hold small items and the bold colours, designed to pair up with Banz earmuffs, make it really easy to locate the earmuffs when you need themโ€ฆ plus they look pretty cool for a storage case, too!

  • Strong, durable construction with a heavy-duty zip closure; let the case take the knocks, not your childโ€™s earmuffs!
  • Soft lining inside the case to protect the earmuffs
  • Internal mesh pocket to store small accessories
  • Colours co-ordinate with earmuffs
  • Wrist strap included to allow for effortless portability and make case-carrying easy!