We’re so grateful our customers tell us how much they love their Banz Carewear – and we’d love to hear from your family, too!
If you have a story you’d like to share, please email us at sales@babybanz.nz

“My daughter has sensory issues due to a brain infection and the earmuffs work brilliantly in noisy environments to provide a quiet space for her to refocus herself again. They have been a life saver!
I bought a pair after coming home one day from school drop-off and, because the classroom was filled with everyone chatting loudly, she couldn’t cope. I had a sobbing child rocking in my lap with her hands over her ears.
Needless to say I came home looking for a solution and ordered Banz earmuffs straight away. The first day she took them to school after getting them, it got noisy, she put them on and there was this amazing smile come over her face. Two minutes later they were off her ears and she was ready to join in.
Seriously I love them!!!!”

~ Anne Marie Wilkes, Rolleston

We love our Banz earmuffs! They keep my boys’ ears safe at the drags and while “helping” daddy in the shed!

~ Tui Campbell, Auckland

Great product but absolutely fantastic customer service. Cannot recommend enough!

~ Shannon Douglas, Te Anau

Excellent, we use the sunnies and the earmuffs from our Protection Set all the time. The earmuffs are great for flying!

~ Libby Clews, Mangawhai Heads

I have ordered a few things over the years, and have always been very impressed with the quality of the products and service.

~ Kym Moore, Hamilton

Yesterday I did my first order with Banz Carewear, I wished I’d ordered another set of earmuffs, LOL! Excellent, super fast – arrived this morning and I’m super happy, I’ll definitely be back for more! Love everything – the service is top quality, the post speed super fast – thanks, you’ve got a very happy customer here!

~Sarz Jane, Ashburton

Awesome product! Great communication and super fast delivery. Ordered one morning, got the parcel the next morning – thanks for the brilliant service!

~ Jordyn Griffin, Waikato

We love Banz earmuffs! I bought a set of earmuffs for my older boy and now, five years  later, I ordered a set for my baby boy! They were delivered within two days and fit perfectly!

~ Therisa Keenan, Morrinsville