Banz Sunglasses Cases


Banz Sunglasses Cases protect your Banz sunglasses when not in use.

Each case holds one pair of Adventure Banz or Retro Banz stay-put sunglasses!

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Banz Sunglasses Cases

Keep your Banz sunglasses safe when not in use!

  • Cases will hold one pair of Adventure Banz or Retro Banz sunglasses styles
  • Featuring sturdy construction, with a heavy-duty zip closure; let the case take the knocks, not your child’s sunglasses!
  • The handy attachment allows you to clip the sunglasses case to your bag or stroller – no more losing sunglasses at the bottom of your bag
  • Keep a spare pair of Banz sunglasses in a protective case in the car, for children’s eye protection on the go!
  • Available in four cute styles that you and you child will love!


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