Sizing, Warranty & FAQ

Choosing the correct size

Although our sunglasses and sunhats come with unique adjustable straps which allow them to grow with your child, it’s important to select the correct size when choosing your Banz gear.


Adventure Banz and Retro Banz ranges
The Baby size fits a head circumference (see Note below) between 43cm and 52cm, or two months to two years

The Kidz size fits a head circumference (see Note below) between 48cm and 55cm, or two years to five years

NOTE: Please do not use the head measurement taken by Plunket when deciding which size of sunglasses to buy. The Plunket measurement is taken over the child’s temples and is not where the glasses are worn. Please measure your child snugly over the eye area for a correct fit.

JBanz range

The JBanz range features several different frame styles, all with a classic ‘arm’ design, which are suitable for approximately four to 10 years. Some children may be able to wear sunglasses from this range younger than four years, while older children may find they still fit just fine (for example, at the time of writing our 12 year-old son happily wears his JBanz Flexerz sunglasses, which are a great fit).

Sometimes, one frame style may suit the shape of the child’s face better than others and the fit may be better. If you would like to swap your JBanz sunglasses for another style, please let us know.

Reversible Sunhats

The Baby size fits a head circumference of up to 50cm, or two months to two years

The Kidz size fits a head circumference between 48cm and 56cm, or two years to five years

Flap Swimhats

Banz Flap Swimhats are made from a nylon/Spandex blend similar to the material used to make most swimwear but, unlike most swimsuits, Banz Flap Swimhats are specially made with a built-in UV protection factor for extra protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. The Swimhats have been clinically tested to a rating of UPF 50+ which is the highest available.

The Swimhats come in three sizes – Small (3-18 months); Medium (18 months – 4 years) and Large (4-8 years).


Banz Warranty:

In addition to our full warranty below, we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee if you change your mind for any reason about a purchase made on our website.

Banz warrants these products against defects in material and workmanship for One Year from the date of purchase.

If you discover a defect after purchase please contact us at returns and we will help you with the replacement procedure.

Due to health regulations we are unable to replace swimwear and hats that have been worn as they are intimate apparel, however if you discover a defect after purchase and before the garments are worn, please contact us at returns to arrange replacement.

If you are buying the products for personal use, then you have the rights and remedies available under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a young baby wear earmuffs?

Yes, they can and should in noisy situations, as their hearing is extremely delicate.

Banz Mini Muffs are made specifically for babies from the age of 2-3 months to two years. The lightly tensioned headband has been developed to ensure excess pressure is not placed over a soft baby head, which is a problem with other brands of children’s earmuffs.

Once a child is around the age of two years, they can move to Banz Protective Earmuffs, which will be suitable right through teenage years.

The Protective Earmuffs feel tight, can they be loosened?

Earmuffs must fit snugly to effectively protect the wearer. The fit of Banz earmuffs loosens with wear, so the earmuffs “grow” along with your child.

If you feel your set of earmuffs is too tight, they can be stretched by extending the earmuffs wide and placing over two chair backs or similar overnight. This should make the earmuffs more flexible.

Why does my child need to wear sunglasses?

Banz stay-put sunglasses are a necessity to cover infant and toddler eyes from the harmful rays of UV (ultra violet) light. Until around the age of eight to nine years, a child has no filters in the eye to block out UV light – hence eye experts recommend that little ones wear quality sunglasses from their earliest days.

After all, you wear sunglasses to stop the discomfort of bright light – shouldn’t your kids?

You can actually do more harm to the eye if you put an inferior sunglasses lens in front of the eye! Behind tinted lenses, the iris opens to allow more light into the eye. If the sunglasses lens doesn’t protect properly, more UV light gets into the eye, which potentially damages the child’s eye.

How do I teach my child to wear Banz sunglasses?

Wearing sunglasses, just like wearing sunscreen or fastening a seat belt, is a learned behavior. Kids learn fast, but if you don’t teach them to wear sunglasses, they will never learn. Here are our suggestions on how you can get your child to love wearing Banz sunnies.

1) When you first put Banz sunglasses on your child they should be in the sun – not indoors.
2) Make sure the polycarbonate lenses on the sunglasses are clean. If not, clean them with a lens cleaner and soft cloth. If you don’t have lens cleaner, soap and water will do. Just don’t dry them with an abrasive paper towel.
3) Centre the sunglasses so the nose piece rests on the tiny bridge of the nose and the straps above the ears. Adjust the neoprene strap to be just tight enough so that they don’t slip down, but not tighter. If they are too snug they will not want to wear them.
4) It is normal, especially for infants, to try to pull the sunglasses off at first. The more you put them back on and encourage them to wear sunglasses, the easier it gets. Start your child as young as possible. Remember that wearing sunglasses for five minutes the first time is wonderful. It’s a new experience, so build the time up gradually.
5) We have also found it helps to distract the child while they are getting used to their Banz sunnies – point out the dog or bird in the distance, or perhaps have someone else use a toy to distract them from the unaccustomed feeling of wearing sunglasses.

While your child is getting used to their sunglasses the band at least provides security that your pair will not get lost, as they will sit safely around the neck or on the forehead – and still look cool!

The comfortable neoprene band on Banz sunnies means many children find these less uncomfortable than traditional sunglasses arms which fit over the ears. However, some children will not accept anything on their face. Unfortunately, Banz sunglasses are not a magic remedy!

What is the UV protection of Banz sunglasses?

All Banz sunglasses have a UV400 lens. These lenses block out the entire spectrum of UVA, UVB, and UVC rays from the sun. UVA rays are thought to be more harmful to the skin – they cause sunburn and get below the outer layer of skin. UVB rays are the rays thought to be the worst on the eye and causing damage to the retina and lens with overexposure and under-protection. UVC rays are extremely dangerous but do not reach the earth’s surface due to absorption in the atmosphere.

Banz sunglasses have been tested by the Optics and Radiometry laboratory at Unisearch, Sydney, and are proven to meet AS/NZS 1067:2003, the Australian standard for sunglasses which has also been adopted by New Zealand. Unisearch concluded that: “These sunglasses DO meet the requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Standard: Sunglasses and Fashion Spectacles (2003) as labelled as category 3 sunglasses.” NB – Lenses are a Category 3, UV400 standard.

Additionally, sunglasses in the JBanz range are polarised to beat glare from the sun or reflected glare from water or snow.

What are the sunglasses made from?

The frames and lenses of Banz sunglasses are made from polycarbonate material. This material makes the sunglasses virtually shatterproof and ensures that they stand up to wear and tear.

Banz headbands are made from neoprene. Neoprene is the same material used to make wetsuits; it is stretchy and easy to clean with warm soap and water. The material is very soft and comfortable on the little heads; it also keeps the glasses where they are supposed to be – over the child’s eyes.

The lightweight materials used in Banz sunglasses construction make them more comfy – and, as an added bonus, Adventure Banz and Retro Banz sunglasses float in water, avoiding loss at the pool or beach.

Can Banz sunglasses be fitted with prescription lenses?

Yes! The Adventure Banz range are capable of being cold fitted with a prescription lens up to +/- 8 diopters, either sunglasses-tinted or everyday-clear. This allows very small children who must wear prescription glasses to take advantage of the ‘stay-put’ frame. Take your Banz sunglasses to your optometrist to be fitted with the lenses.

Are Banz sunglasses adjustable?

The headbands of Adventure Banz and Retro Banz sunglasses adjust and secure with a hook and loop closure system (Velcro). This allows parents/children to loosen and tighten the glasses as they take them off and on and prolongs the use of the sunglasses, as they “grow” with the child.

What is the UV protection of Banz Reversible Sunhats?

Banz Reversible Sunhats are the best in the market for protection and breathability. Our hats are made of 100% polyester and offer UPF protection of 50+ (the highest available).

The lightweight, high-quality fabric used means Banz Reversible Sunhats wash extremely well and look like new after every wash, with no colour runs.