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All aboard with Baby Bluetooth Earmuffs!

Soothe and entertain with Banz Safe 'n' Sound Earmuffs

Hands up if you’ve been in the car/bus/train/airplane and your little one just won’t settle?

Or does your baby find it hard to cope with the noise of your surroundings?

Banz can Help! Banz Safe ‘n’ Sound Bluetooth Mini Earmuffs for under 2 years double as hearing protectors and headphones, so you can play their favourite stories, music or white noise on the go (and the rest of the family doesn’t need to listen in… bliss!)!


The earmuffs’ Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to play sounds via any device, as the earmuffs come properly equipped with a micro USB charging cable and full instructions, as well as a useful drawstring carry bag.

No worries about causing damage to your child’s ears, either – the Safe ‘n’ Sound Bluetooth Mini Earmuffs are volume-limited – that means the sound will never exceed a safe level of 75 decibels.

Bang for your Buck! These special earmuffs double as sound-protective earmuffs and can be used without Bluetooth to save your little one’s hearing in noisy situations! The Safe ‘n’ Sound Bluetooth Earmuffs have the same grunty Class 4 hearing protection grading as our regular Mini Muffs.

Available in Silver, Blue and Pink, you can find Banz Safe ‘n’ Sound Bluetooth Earmuffs here.


6 thoughts on “All aboard with Baby Bluetooth Earmuffs!

  1. Wow, what a great idea! Neat product!

    1. Thanks, Alana! Appreciate your comment!

  2. Has any certificate to show is safe for the kids?thanks

    1. Hi, yes, all Banz gear is laboratory tested and meets all international standards.

  3. Hiya are these good for cancelling out airplane noise?

    1. Hi Ri, yes, they are ideal! You can either play sounds to your child via the bluetooth – or just use them as sound-muffling earmuffs. They won’t block sound entirely as it isn’t safe for a child to be in a ‘cone of silence’, where they can’t hear their parents – good earmuffs like Banz work by muffling loud noise to a safe level. Let me know if you need more info! πŸ™‚

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